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Amputation Injuries

Our attorneys understand the devastating effects an amputation/loss of a limb has on the lives of our clients and their families. We know the stakes couldn’t be higher for your family as you seek long term financial security after suffering such an injury. You want our decades of experience and unmatched reputation on your side as you fight to recover the compensation you need to protect yourself and your family.

In a way, our results speak for themselves. But more important than that, and what makes us different, are the relationships we build with our clients. The attorneys and staff at the Porter Law Group care deeply about our clients—and we devote all the experience and resources of our firm to protecting families. We invite you to learn more below about whether hiring our firm makes sense for you, and we look forward to getting you the justice you deserve. 

What Defines an Amputation?

An amputation is defined as a total or partial removal of a limb or extremity such as an arm, leg, hand, foot, finger, or toe. Each year, thousands of people lose an arm, leg, finger, or other body part as a result of another person’s negligence—whether it be a car accident, truck accident, work or machinery accident, or due to some other trauma. Regardless of how the accident happened, suffering an amputation is a catastrophic, life-alternating event which causes physical, emotional and financial devastation.

The road to recovery after amputation is long and painful, and affects every aspect of our clients’ lives long after the initial wounds have healed.  Our clients are left to cope with incredible physical and emotion challenges which often prove impossible to manage. The emotional and physical effects of such a devastating injury cause our clients to face a long and sometimes impossible uphill battle to regain even a semblance of the life they once enjoyed before their accident.

What Causes an Amputation/Loss of Limb Injury?

Some of the most common causes of amputations suffered by our clients include:

As many as 80% of all amputations caused by accidents happen to men, and most traumatic amputations happen to people between the ages of 20 and 50. Our clients come to us following an accident in search of answers. Was their accident preventable? Was another person or company negligent and therefore responsible for their injury?

When our clients contact us, we immediately work with high-level experts to investigate the root cause of the accident which harmed our clients, and determine with great certainty if our clients should pursue a lawsuit against those that caused them harm.  

The legal team at the Porter Law Group enjoys decades of experience and a wealth of industry resources that we employ to get our clients reliable answers, and to put our clients in the best possible position to hold those responsible accountable for the harm they caused.   

In addition to representing clients who have suffered these sorts of catastrophic injuries due to machine failures, work place accidents, and motor vehicle accidents, we have represented clients who have suffered loss of limbs due to medical and surgical malpractice. These sorts of cases are especially complex, and we routinely rely upon some of the foremost medical experts in the world to investigate these cases on behalf of our clients, and get them the answers they deserve. 

There is no substitute for experience—and the legal team at the Porter Law Group has for decades stood side-by-side with our clients and their families who have suffered a devastating traumatic loss of limb.   We are here for you and your family in your time of greatest need.

Typical Consequences of Amputations

Nearly all of our clients who have suffered a traumatic amputation are left to deal with a lifetime of clinical depression and other forms of emotional distress (PTSD, anxiety, etc.) which often interferes with their ability to derive any real joy from relationships with family members, friends, and/or co-workers. Approximately 30% of all amputation victims suffer from severe anxiety and ongoing depression.

Most of our clients who have suffered a traumatic amputation are left unable to work or provide for their families. Hospital costs and other medical expenses associated with amputation/loss of limb injuries total roughly $10 billion annually in the United States.

The legal team at the Porter Law Group has decades of experience assisting our clients in recovering substantial settlements and verdicts to compensate them and their families for all the pain and suffering, and types of financial loss caused by injuries like this.

The trauma caused by these injuries are not only physical and emotional—but also causes incredible financial hardship resulting from permanent employment disability, and the incredible costs of prosthetics, home modifications, and a lifetime of physical and other sorts of therapies designed to teach our clients how to navigate the new world in which they live.  

We have successfully prosecuted many cases for our clients who have experienced a wrongful amputation due to a car accident, medical malpractice, construction site injury, or other catastrophic event. Our attorneys are available to answer your questions, help you understand your legal rights, and help you receive the compensation you and your family need. 

Amputation/Loss of Limb Injury Costs Are High

According to numerous leading studies, the average out-of-pocket medical costs of an amputation are over $90,000 in the first two years, and more than $500,000 over the victim’s lifetime. These projected costs don’t include prosthetics, or the services associated with replacing/adjusting/maintaining those devices, which can often amount to annual costs of $40,000 or more.

Most of our clients who have suffered these sorts of injuries are left to find a way to overcome the injury while unable to work and provide for their family—which often results in a loss of not only income, but also the loss of medical insurance necessary to pay for the extensive lingering medical care and devices they now need to live.

Astronomical out-of-pocket expenses and a loss of ability to work and provide for their family present life hurdles our clients sometimes cannot overcome. It is for this reason that hiring the best and most experienced lawyer to protect your family is so important. The legal team at the Porter Law Group has the experience and resources necessary to stand by your side to get you and your family the compensation you deserve.  

How a Lawyer Can Help

When you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury like an amputation or a loss of limb due to another person’s negligence, or the negligence of a corporation, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Hiring the best lawyer to protect you and your family is the most important decision you can make when your life has been forever altered. 

The legal team at the Porter Law Group brings to the table decades of experience and nearly unlimited resources to hire the very best experts to investigate your case, and build a winning lawsuit to get you and your family the justice you deserve.

Contact Porter Law Group at 833-PORTER9, or email us at info@porterlawteam.com to discuss the details of our experience representing other clients who have been injured as you have, and the results we were able to obtain in the past for clients who are suffering as you are. In many ways, our results speak for themselves, and we will stand ready to help you and your family in your time of greatest need. 

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